The Beginning.

Welcome to those who have found their way to my page and my first post. This is not a page like many others would expect. At least I don’t think it will be. Maybe I should start with a little about myself.

My name is not important for this page. A name leads to assumption and even wonderment about who a person is. Much like when we meet some one for the first time. Our minds race with questions and ideas as to who they are. We quickly form ideas in our heads about them based on body type as well as clothes and how a person holds themselves. This page is purely about the mind. My mind in fact. I don’t agree with a lot of how people are at times. Especially my own kind. I don’t donate to causes such as HRC or Equality Now. I have never seen the point in it. I may go more in to this later. Who knows.

Anyways. I am 38 years old. I am a trans woman. I do not live as a trans woman. I live strictly as a woman. To me the term trans always meant transition. After all that is why it is part of the term. So why label ourselves with a transitional term? This is all that needs to be said to understand what this page is about. If you do not wish to keep going then I understand. But the truth of the matter is I am not out. At least not in that respect. I am a lesbian woman to the world and even that is really only known by those who know me.

So this is why i am here. Not as an out advocate for Trans rights. Not to battle others for LGBT rights. To let the world know people like me do exist. We the quiet. Being stealth is something that is not to common anymore. Not with the rise of celebrity names in the trans community. That is great for them. I am sure some look up to them as inspiration, but I want to live my life and voice my opinion. Something that would typically require a sacrifice of my own. This is that sacrifice. This which has me trembling with the fact i have lived so long trying to just be myself and not deal with the complexities of being out. So here it is. My voice in the Q. One in a million. I don’t want status. I want what we all want.

The freedom to be myself and express myself. To those who wish to listen. I welcome you. And I thank everyone for the chance to maybe get some things off my chest I would otherwise not be able to.


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