Monthly Archives: August 2016

It’s been a while.

I have gone silent for a while. Something i wasn’t expecting on doing. As it turns out a fear swept over me. One I had not known since I first came out.

As I tried to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with this blog. I found myself reading articles on the world events involving trans people. Something that seemed to to spark a issue in myself. One i had to take time to work on. I became scared and fearful as I saw one negative article after another.

I had to stop reading articles on current trans events. I didn’t read them for a while. What it came down to was i have to watch myself when it comes to current events. Otherwise I will become a fearful mess again. Even as I write this I can think about the most recent news I read and shudder. News in this world is bad, but I became thinking that this was the wrong reason to care about this stuff.

I may go in to more of what has bothered me later. For now i just want to explain where i went and that I am returning. This time opting to avoid the delicate nature of the news. I want to focus more on what I intended to. My life and my views as seen from a trans woman who lives quietly in the shadows of those who live in the open. Stealth trans and her thoughts. 🙂