50 years of Star Trek

What does one say about the biggest science fiction phenomena of all time? (Star Wars is fantasy. It doesn’t count.) Granted I haven’t been around since the beginning, but I feel I was born and grew up in the right time to be a fan. 

My mom has always been a big Star Trek fan. I didn’t really understand Star Trek till just before The Next Generation was ready to premier. As a kid I was bored by The Motion Picture and always saw the classic show as something parents watched. 

It wasn’t till a day when I was around ten that it captured me. I was playing in the living room while my mom was watching The Wrath of Kahn. I ignored most of the film as usual until the final space battle grabbed my attention. I was blown away by how real it looked as well as how intense it was. 

Then it hit. The scene that left theaters riddled with tears. Spock’s selfless sacrifice and death. Even as I write this I can’t help but tear up and laugh. Characters I barely knew beyond their names invoked such powerful emotions in me.

My ten year old face was drenched in tears as I struggled to figure out why. Why did this impact me so much? Well, fast forward to a few days ago. I was watching the resently released directors cut blu ray.,I was in tears again as I was decades ago. 

Star Trek won me with the most emotional scene I ever saw as a kid. It won me not only with the world it created but those who were in it. I have cried many times in Star Treks run on both the bug screen as well as small. 

Tasha Yar’s death in season 1 on Next Gen further cemented my love for the franchise. The two hardest for me however were the destruction of the Enterprise D (the ship I watched from day 1) and the death of Data. 

Why do I point out the saddest parts you ask? Simply to prove a point. These parts would mean nothing if the shows were not as captivating as they were. Sure dome were badly written or just downright silly but it was the people who came first. Their lives in this world. 

If it weren’t for them then Star Trek would be nothing. Their good times and bad times carried me as a fan. 

Gene Rodenbarry said the best stories are the ones that still work if you take out the fantastic. Meaning the human adventure is the most endearing. 

I think he was right. After all what would any genre truly be without the human element. I will forever love Star Trek in all its incarnations. Even if Paramount messes it up from time to time. 

Happy anniversary Star Trek. Live long and prosper. Boldly going where our imaginations dare to dream. 

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