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Something bothering me about the Rocky Horror remake.

So this has been on my mind for a while. I’ve let it stew around till I could explain it properly. Hopefully i can express this properly. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get the remake.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is about Brad and Janet as fate sends them in to a chance encounter with Dr Frankenfurter and his unusual crew. A solid enough premis for any film. Dr Frankenfurter is a transvestite. That is some one who dresses in the clothes designated for the opposite gender. The part was masterfully played by Tim Curry and has since gone on to live as big of a legend as he himself has become. 

Fast forward to this year. Next month the tv remake will air starring trans pop queen Laverne Cox as Dr Frankenfurter. I could pick many things about what I’ve seen in the remakes trailers to complain about but I want to focus on just one major flaw. Laverne Cox’s  Frankenfurter is not a transvestite. This literally breaks the character. 

What I mean is this. Laverne Cox may be a male to female transgender but that is not important. She is a woman. Which is fine for the character and a fun change up. The problem is fishnet stockings and lingerie are women’s clothing. How can she be a sweet transvestite if she’s just wearing women’s clothes? 

Frankenfurter also created Rocky. A mindless muscle man to be his sexual plaything. For the era it was quite outrageous for these things to be expressed in such a manner. I can’t help but ask what the new film is trying to portray? Frankenfurter is now a woman but Rocky is still a man. So is it a feminism thing? 

I really feel this is not only a bad representation of the character but also harmful to the trans comunity. This Frankenfurter should be wearing leather pants or some tightie whitie men’s underwear. Somthing to actually enforce the transvestite notion that is so re enforced through out the story. They could have played it up further and made Rocky a woman and made her Frankenfurter’s femme to her butch. Try and even out the dynamic. It would have been a fun twist to the classic Frankenfurter and Rocky. 

Instead we get what I think most will see. A woman who was a man playing a man who dresses in cross dresses for sexual pleasure. I hope I’m wrong about that but so many in this world are so ill  informed when it comes to the differences between tranvestites, crossdressers, drag queens, and transgenders. For all I know she is playing Frankenfurter as a woman through and through. This would be fantastic but leaves the plot hole of the whole tranvestite thing. So either she is playing a man who is a transvestite or a woman who doesn’t seem to understand it. This can get quite confusing. 

I don’t mind the remake. It will never take the place of the classic and I am sure it will have its own audience. I just feel this was poorly planned out by the people who created this version. After all a woman in thigh highs and a corsette is hardly a tranvestite. Lol. 

Forgive me for the choppy writing. Trying to get my thoughts across while typing on a phone is rather difficult. 


Pee Wee’s Big Holiday

So amidst everything going on in my life I decided to take a break and check out the new film about a Pee Wee Herman. A character that has been out of the limelight for almost 30 years. While I was not expecting much from the film. I at least expected to be entertained for a hour and a half.

The film follows Pee Wee as we learn he has never left his home town and feels he has everything he need right there. This already bothered me considering the first movie had him traveling all over the place to find his bike. I don’t think the first film was referenced in the second film so I decided screw continuity and just watch. While working at his job a rugged man on a motorcycle (Joe Manganieleo: True Blood, Magic Mike) shows up and they immediately click. They hang out for a little bit then the rugged man tells Pee Wee he is a celebrity from TV. (he is actually playing himself in this film.) He tells Pee Wee he needs to get out of the city and see what life has to offer. As incentive he gives him a birthday invitation for his party in one week.

If this sounds more like a gay love story than just an adventure movie then hold on. This film is essentially a love story to not only Pee Wee but to Joe Mananiello. The plot is pretty linear and follows Pee Wee on this one note quest. There are a few distractions that take place but they leave as quickly as they arrive. This is not entirely a bad thing. Sticking to the main story did make the run time seem really short. Even at an hour and a half the movie didn’t really feel that long.

Paul Reuben’s reprises his character role as Pee Wee and does an ok job. It was amazing to see he could still play the character as well as he did considering how long it had been. While watching the movie I was looking up information on it as I usually do watching movies. Paul Reubens is 63 years old……. To say the least I was stunned. I had no clue he was that old and with that in mind the fact he could even play the character as authentically as he did was amazing.

There are some funny jokes in the movie. They are few and far between but they are there. The ones that are good are laugh out funny. There are also jokes that go on far to long. Had they shortened them they would have been much funnier, but this movie seems to enjoy the idea of stretching jokes out as long as they can.

I don’t want to go on too much about the film itself rather than the information i learned about it afterwards. As I said earlier, the movie is not the best. It could have used a lot of cleaning up in almost all departments other than acting. I found out afterwards this was made as not only a return of Pee Wee Herman, but a little more of an explanation of the character and who he actually is.

This is an interesting point considering the movie is Pee Wee fawning over Joe¬†Mananiello. By the end of the film we see the same is happening in reverse. Joe sits in his bedroom at his expensive party whining that Pee Wee didn’t make it and questions why. There is even a girl who shows up through out the film who goes by the nickname of Pee Wee. It is hinted that she has feelings for Pee Wee Herman but he is to focused on his goal of being with Joe to notice. They do share a kiss during their goodbye but it only serves to add to the confusing nature of the movie.

The reason i bring up these points of the film is the same reason I bring up the film itself. For a movie with such a basic plot, it really doesn’t explain much. Sure it is designed to be a simple adventure, but with the little side points trying to clearly say something this only added to the uncertainty of the stories.

What probably made me laugh the most was the fact you could replace every character in the film with a character in Spongebob and it would have worked. Reuben’s voice as it is now sounds an a lot like Spongebob. Making Pee Wee a restaurant cook did nothing to take away form this feeling. Even his boss felt like Spongebobs. At least they didn’t have a squidward.

I was glad I watched it and enjoyed the occasional laugh it gave me. Fans should give it a watch. If you do please feel free to comment and lets discuss it. I welcome the other thoughts on it. I wonder if anyone will see the same things I got from it. Maybe something entirely different. I would love to know.